Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pre-Order 'The Protectorate Wars' Digital Art Book

Hello, Anthony Scroggins aka Shimmering Sword here. New blog, first post, welcome to the Rangers Project.
My immediate reason for starting this blog is to host a PayPal button for those who missed my recent kickstarter campaign to pre-order my book in progress. Details are as follows:

Post Kickstarter pre-order options are now available for Rangers Project: The Protectorate Wars.

The Protectorate Wars is a digital art book filled with illustrations and fiction on the Rangers Project setting. It's planned to be 110 pages, currently in development.
*Current progress is at a beta release stage, meaning after purchasing you will receive a PDF smaller than the final 110 pages. You will be sent progressively larger versions until the project is complete*

Pre-ordering the digital book will gain you access to "backers only" progress updates on production, including a look at the artwork and fiction as it is rolled out. Your purchase also adds supplementary funding to the project which can go toward improving the book's content.
I would also like to be able to offer all backers and pre-orders some discount or perks when I later produce a printed edition of The Protectorate Wars. No hard details on what these benefits will be yet, but they will be there. Both digital and print editions rely on this early support.

The "Elemental" digital booklet is also on offer, which will include 30 pages of existing, remastered, and new concepts and illustrations of the Elemental soldiers. This additional book will go into production after The Protectorate Wars book is completed, no hard delivery date has been determined. Much of this books planned artwork is already free to view online, but it will come with all new technical/fiction text.

Below you can find the Paypal button to make your pre-order. There are 3 options.
- $6 for the Elemental digital book only.
- $15 for The Protectorate Wars digital book only.
- $19 for both The Protectorate Wars and Elemental digital books ($2 discount).

Please include your email address so that you can be emailed exclusive progress updates and have your digital book/s delivered when they are completed.

Book purchase options:
Enter your email address:

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Just ordered! I've been following your work on DeviantArt for a long while, and I'm really bummed I never saw the Kickstarter. Good luck!